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Halo to you.

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Halo to you. Empty Halo to you.

  Admin 01, 2008 9:42 pm

Halo to you.

Today in the court session concerning the permission to us (Archim. Fotios, Chrysostomos and Ireneos) to get inside the Patriarchate the Judge said that he needs more time and affidavits about our things that belongs to us inside the Patriarchate while we are forbidden to use them by Theofilos, so he fixed the hearing day on 9th of April, that means in 10 days. The judge is going to examine us also, to hear us, which is quite good.
The lawyers of abuna Fotios asked the judge to give decision at least for Fotios who is sick and old man, to get inside the Patriarchate until the hearing day. But Theofilos Lawyer, Samer Zoabi, the partner of Rami Mougabi, and Moutran Isichios who was in the court, objected this, asking first that Fotios have had to write a letter to Theofilos recognizing him as Patriarch, asking apology and later on he would entered. The Judge asked Fotios if he is willing to do this and Fotios said, No. The Lawyers of Fotios proposed that Fotios to write a letter addressing to the Patriarchate asking to get inside his room. Theofilos lawyer and Isichios didnt accept that. So Fotios is still out till 9 of April. As well as the same for us.

After the court session Fotios grasped Isichios who was leaving the court room from his dresses, not ugly, but in order to stop him, trying to say to him something. Isihios got afraid and was calling his laywer to be in the middle, saying shou Hada! while his face became white! After that Fotios said to Isichios what did I have done to all of you and you dont permit me to come in my room after 52 years of presence and work in the Patriarchate? And Isichios reply confess that Theofilos is the Patriarch and immediately I will bring you inside the Patriarchate, say who is the Patriarch, say now who is the Patriarch, and Fotios reply, Theofilos mish Kanouni, mish Patriarch, hada mish patriarch, in Arabic in order to hear all who were present.

Afterwards Fotios was telling me that Theofilos took the Throne illegally, and in any way a Patriarch never behaves in such a way to an old man, like Theofilos.

Thats what I saw, being in the Court today on 31/03/2008.
Today suppose to be a Synod session, but the throat of Theofilos was closed, so he didnt convene a Synod.

Fr. Ireneos

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: 02/01/2008
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