Apostles Jason and Sosipater

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Apostles Jason and Sosipater

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Apostles Jason and

April 29

(May 12 West)

Both were disciples of the Apostle Paul, who mentions them in his Epistle to the Romans: "Jason and Sosipater my kinsmen greet you" (16:21). Jason was born in Tarsus of Cilicia (as was the Apostle Paul), and became bishop of that town. Sosipater was from Patras of Achaia (now Greece), and became bishop of Iconium. After serving their flocks for many years, these two travelled together to Corfu, where they were the first to preach the Gospel. They were furiously opposed by the ruler of that island, but when he died, the new king came to faith in Christ and was baptised with the name Sebastian. Jason and Sosipater remained on Corfu, freely preaching the Gospel and building up the Church until they reposed in great old age. An ancient church in the city of Corfu, dating from the first centuries, bears inscriptions that mention the Saints by name.

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